Body and Mind….


If your like me and tend to be on the go a lot it is hard to fit in the usual ingredients for a healthy life style that every magazine keeps telling us about ; the gym, yoga, healthy eating & meditation. All these things are key to maintaining a healthy balanced body & mind.  As a model there is a lot of pressure to stay in shape. I grew up in the countryside in England, rode horses, ballet danced, played in all the sport teams in school so weight was never really something I thought about as I had a very active childhood. This meant my focus was more on a healthy body & mind. It was only when I moved to London and begun working in the modelling industry there was a lot of focus on weight & shape. Unlike many models I wasn’t 5ft11 & very slim. I am 5ft 8 & consider myself to have more of an athletic figure at a size 8 – 10. This means staying in shape & being positive is very important. Each person is unique and individual in their shape & should do what works for them..

” Know yourself and you will win all battles”   Sun Tzu

There are few tricks & tips on really balancing your self, feeling good & working it in to your lifestyle without it being too much of a burden. I try & hit the gym 3 times a week in general & take ballet, boxing & yoga classes as a hobby. These 3 activities combined give me core strength, lean muscles, good posture & a positive mind.

This may not work for everyone but it works for me so I’m going  to share a few tips on how it could work for you.

Firstly, look at your lifestyle. When is your window when you have free time & what do you enjoy doing with it? A slot for lunch with friends, watching a movie, shopping online? Whatever it is, try and think of these moments as your “ME” time..


Set aside sometime this week to mark out your “Me” time and then write a list of all the active hobbies you love doing or would love to do. Going for a walk, swimming, tennis, badminton, horse riding.. Something you can do with a friend perhaps.

Make a real effort to book something for each week that you can look forward to, this will give your mind something positive to think about & prepare for. Enjoy every moment of it and laugh. You won’t even realise you are burning calories, getting in shape and releasing endorphins but I promise you, you will feel great afterwards. Exercise puts you in a really positive mood, gets rid of your sleep dept which means you will have a really good healthy nights sleep (make sure to get your 8+ hours for beauty sleep! ) The positive effects will start showing on the outside, your skin, your eyes, nails & hair will all become glossier & brighter – you will begin to really notice a difference as well as an inner happiness.

If you continue to work your “ME” time into your lifestyle it is something you can do anywhere with anyone. The method I use which helps me is to think of your Mind & Body as pie chart for health.

25% ‘ME’ time – Your time to do with what you please that will keep you happy & healthy. Something that will trigger positive thoughts. Positive thinking will bring abundance to your life – The Secret..

25% Gym – A few hours a week  to really improve your fitness, shape & stamina. Look & feel great. Exercise is also good for your skin!  Combating signs of ageing & detoxing problematic skin. It helps clear acne  by mediating the production of DHEA and DHT. Exercise also delays ageing by increasing circulation & delivering key nutrients to the skin cells which improve collagen.


25% Food – Nutrition is a must for the perfect body. This doesn’t mean saying NO to chocolate 😉 just a balance of good healthy, organic meals. Theres no need to deprive yourself if you are ticking these four boxes! Dieting is a fad & will never work because you are too focused on losing weight & the food itself. This is all you will be thinking about so your body starts to crave what your taking away from it. Begin to work healthy, nutritious meals into your lifestyle  along with the occasional treats you love and your body will love you for it.

25% Mind – Positive thinking & Calming moments for yourself. Yoga, Pilates & Meditation keep your mind pure & focused which is the key to achieving your goals ( this can even be done whilst sunbathing or relaxing in the bath). Regular exercise also speeds  up learning and improves blood flow to the brain helping you to deal with situations calmly & effectively.

These 4 areas will give you furfillness in life & really help to conquer & deal with any stress, anxiety or general worries you may have with your busy lifestyle.

It honestly is the foundation to achieving & maintaing the pefect body that you are proud of and a pure mind that is calm,positive & balanced. Try and work this into your every day lifestyle and see the benefits immediately.

What are your favourite hobbies or do you have anything new & unique that keep you active?

I hope you enjoyed my first blog – eek! Thank you for reading! 🙂


Elle ♡


2 thoughts on “Body and Mind….

  1. i gotta say say elle you are an amazing women, oh and about the chocolate part..dont even get me started..i want to quit but its too hard to stop eating chocolate when im stressed or when its cold lol! (sukhdip1990 from twitter) lol

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