Honey Hair…



 Its good to give your hair a day off sometimes…

 Especially if you are straightening, blow drying & tonging it every day.

A day off doesn’t always mean washing it and leaving it to dry naturally or putting a chemical mask on it.

  Shampooing strips the hair of nutrients ,essential & natural oils.

I remember years ago one of my friends bleached her hair from dark brown  to platinum  blonde. She was washing her hair but with  only conditoner. I asked her why and she said the shampoo would snap her hair!  So this is where I learnt that tip. Every so often I like to wash my hair only with conditioner if  i’m not working. It really helps to keep it moisturised & thick.


Honey is full of so much goodness, it contains vital vitamins & minerals, its antibacterial & acts as a humectant (attracts moisture) it also has great healing properties – so basically its good food for your hair.

This is a really simple & easy mask for your hair that should help dull, dry hair to be a bit more fruity!!  It makes it really glossy & shiny. I love it..


Hydrating Honey Shine Mask

♡ 2 tbsp honey (3tbsp for long hair)

♡ 3 tbsp olive oil

♡ 1 tbsp plain yogurt ( I use Activia lol )

You will need:

♡ An old moisturiser bottle

♡ Shower cap

Wash your hair before ( shampoo also) towel dry..

Put the olive oil in bowl and microwave it until warm.  Add honey and yogurt to olive oil and stir until its well mixed together.  Apply it to damp, clean hair.  You may want to use an applicator bottle to make it easier to squeeze on to your hair. An old moisturiser bottle is good. Concentrate on the ends & your bangs/fringe ( if you have one). If you have extensions try to avoid the bond.

After all the hair has been covered with this honey hair treatment,  you can put a plastic shower cap on to keep it from sticking everywhere. Don’t want you sticking to the sofa!!

Leave the honey in your hair for only 20 minutes – then rinse really well with warm water.  You may have to rinse twice to make sure everything has been removed.   Use this once or twice a month for shiny, glossy goldi locks!



PS –

There is one thing I take everywhere -my Mason Pearson brush. I’ve had them since I was about 4, cant live without it!



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