Girls on the go…How to NAIL IT!

I recently shot the jewellery campaign for Boodles and the lovely manicurist Rachel from One Mega Management introduced me to something amazing which I really want to share with you. I saw it briefly at fashion week & in the gift lounge at the Grammy Awards in LA but assumed it was just your typical gel!
How wrong could I be…
Behind the scenes of the Boodles Shoot, shot at The Savoy
It takes a lot to get me excited about beauty tools but I can honestly say I am now obsessed with this new nail brand
its on my Christmas list without a doubt.
Red Carpet Manicure…
The gel trend has been around for sometime in salons but, this is a new range of  LED gel nail varnishes which lasts for weeks that you can now do at home with this new starter kit.
  Its an innovation in nail colour – has a high shine finish, lasts for weeks and dries instantly what more could you want ?!
I can never keep my hands still long enough to get the perfect finish, I always smudge it, stick my hair to it , stroke the dog and somehow ruin my 40 minutes of perfect painting! So when it comes to a long lasting un chipped colour I have to get them done professionally but this is the answer for girls on the go! No drying time needed.
My girlfriends love changing up their nails every week and going for a statement colour,
metallic foil or nail art so this is most definitly the perfect christmas gift …
The kit costs around £89.95 ($144) but when one shellac or gel costs around £40 – £60.
This is well worth saving for as it has around 10 -15 applications in the set.
Some of my favourite shades for winter from RedCarpet Manicure- 

The Transformative ‘Shimmering Nights’ collection adds sparkle to manicured nails and doubles your colour palette by transforming bold base shades to softer tones with a light sheen. Apply over the top of any colour and then seal with the Brilliance Seal & Shine Top Coat Gel as usual to transform your nails.

Whats your favourite nail/glitter art?
    Elle ♡
Today Im wearing White Hot :

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