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My Beach wardrobe

I just returned from shooting in Cape Town which was beautiful and with it nearly being summer I wanted to post my newest finds and bikini’s/ beach wear I took with me. I am a complete beach bum and always looking out for something new and different. I love prints,colours, textures and embellishment but also like to mix and match my bikini’s. Its important for the quality and fit on the bum to be really good so I tend to look for that  first in my swimwear. Cant be having Granny pants on the beach 😉
Hope you enjoy,
Elle ♡
PS  my swimwear line is launching next year! I can’t wait to post some of the pieces!
They are so Beautiful – super luxe, perfect cut and very sexy!!
Some of my fave swimwear…( 2 of which are my swim line samples)♡

Floral romper

$680 – net-a-porter.com

Mara hoffman
$395 – austique.co.uk

Mara Hoffman scrunch bikini

Gauge bubble necklace


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