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Lake Garda, Italy

1f004a833dfbc4173f7e83823acba409_640_480-634876257785887850Lake Garda, Italy. By Victoria

When it comes to Italy I am just a little bit biased because it’s where I was asked to be someone’s wife and it’s impossible for me to talk about Italy without totally swooning.  I have have since been back, several times, and the country continues to set my heart on fire – the people, the food, the architecture, the wine!  The fact that each region seems to offer it’s own little treasures – Parma for the food, Piedmont for the wine, Lake Como for the beach.

But above all Lake Garda will always be my hotspot and I have found gorgeous ways to escape the reputation of it being quite touristy:

“There are vineyards and olive woods
and lemon gardens on the hill at the back.
There is a lovely little square, where the Italians gossip
and the fishermen pull up their boats, just near.
Everything is too nice for words – not a bit touristy,
quite simply Italian common village”.

 D. H. Lawrence from a letter to Edward Garrett

September 16th, 1912


Lake Garda is one of the most known lakes and it’s true that people do frequent there year on year to enjoy the beach, the fresh seafood and the stunning scenery but there are ways to escape the tourist hustle and bustle, like this gorgeous resort:


Lefay Resort, Lago Di Garda,  is an eco-friendly spa resort nestled in the natural hills and terraces and is situated in Riviera dei Limoni. This means that it has been designed with the geography and topography in mind and the resort itself is so well nestled into the hillside that it cannot be seen from the neighbouring beaches. Eco-sustainbility is at the forefront of the resort’s ethos with attention to water saving, energy saving, waste management and social responsibility:

Screen shot 2013-08-12 at 10.02.25


Each room is a suite so it really is a home away from home and you can choose your level of comfort right up to a Royal Pool and Spa Suite which includes:

“The Royal Pool & SPA Suite is the highest expression of the new Lefay concept of luxury, where peace, nature, space and wellbeing blend together in the unique and spectacular scenery of the natural park “Alto Garda”. The Royal Pool & SPA Suite overlooks a marvellous private garden and an amazing heated infinity pool and offers, in its top layout, up to three bedrooms, for a final total area of 600 sq.m. (6.460 sq. ft.). The selection of natural materials such as olive and national walnut wood and Italian marbles, the spacious interiors and exclusive services such as the Private SPA Area and the personalised concierge service turn the Royal Pool & SPA Suite into the most exclusive way to enjoy a stay around Lake Garda.”



As if the tranquil environment wasn’t enough to escape and unwind the Lefay Resort also has a resident Spa to fully relax and embrace the Italian way of life:

Screen shot 2013-08-12 at 10.14.40


Of course, above all, is the location – the wonderful natural backdrop that Lake Garda gives to this resort, how can you not look at this view without your heart singing:


Screen shot 2013-08-12 at 10.19.06

Italy we love you, we really do.

Love Victoria X


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