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Wedding Signature Scent

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Wedding Signature Scent by Victoria

After the wedding proposal I began the wedmin which included wedding dress, wedding accessories and shoes.  I did not anticipate putting perfume high on my shopping list until a friend stressed that it was ”the most important decision” I would make.  She explained that smell has the ability to revoke memories in a way that photographs and souvenirs couldn’t and the signature scent I choose would remind me of the wedding (and honeymoon) for years to come.  Turns out she was right.  Here is the thought process I went through.

At first I thought it would be nice to wear the fragrance I did when we first met.  Don’t ask me how I know what that was, I assume it’s do with the memory banking, so when I think of that wonderful summer I can also seem to smell it and it smells exactly like Moschino’s “I Love Love”.

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What a wonderfully appropriate name since it was the summer I met and fell in love with a man who would later be my husband (and father to my son).  However, my aforementioned friend advised me not to wear a fragrance I had worn before and to select a new one to create new memories with and so began my mission.

The fragrances that I’m attracted to are light and airy – with notes of citrus and flowers.  I don’t wear heavy or musky perfumes well.  My day-to-day signature scent is DKNY by Donna Karan which is light, lemony and very very fresh.

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So I was first attracted to Jo Malone since they divide the fragrances based on the their signature note:  citrus, fruity, light floral, floral, spicy and woody.

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Naturally I first explored their citrus, fruit floral offerings and quickly fell in love Orange Blossom.  It was everything I wanted in a wedding perfume because it was light and floral and after purchasing I felt really happy in my choice.  So happy, in fact, I decided to wear it one Saturday night throwing my search for a one off perfume back to the beginning.

Thankfully my wedding signature scent found me. I was at an airport, as I often am, and there was a large display for Dior’s perfume “Miss Dior” and I remember reflecting that I would soon be a Mrs rather than a Miss.  I nearly didn’t smell the fragrance because I figured Dior would be too heavy for me and once I first sprayed it I have to agree it was quite heavy but then it started to fade into something, well, rather beautiful.  It was longer lingering than my usual citrus choices but it was wonderfully floral and wonderfully romantic.

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To this day, to me, Miss Dior is still the smell of a wife on her way to meet her husband at the church.  It’s still the smell of my husband’s jacket as I cuddled into him for our first dance.  It’s the smell of jaw hurting smiles and family and friends.  It’s the smell of love.

Did you invest in a signature wedding scent?

Love Victoria X


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