Lessons In Beach Style

By Victoria

Truth be told I am City girl at heart and, while I love the beach, I do find it takes me a couple of days to unwind and slow down to the pace of , well, a turtle. The first few days of any holiday I am known to check my watch and frequently ask where will with go for dinner (when it’s only noon) and what we should do tomorrow. Thankfully, after a couple of days, my brain starts to slow down and I do adapt and never more so than during my tour of Indonesia, on my honeymoon. We started in Bali and worked our way round Indonesia over a period of a month hitting Gili Islands towards the second week.  Since it was my honeymoon I had a wardrobe which included evening-wear and a case for just my shoes! So imagine the reaction when we arrived in on a speed-boat that couldn’t dock at the port, meaning, we had to jump out and wade our way in-land with our (heavy) luggage on our heads.  We then learned that the Island had never seen a car and the only source of transport was horse and cart.  My heart sank watching the poor creature drag my luggage with a neon ”heavy” sticker.  Gilli Air was was a lesson to me in holiday dressing and since then my holiday wardrobe has stayed as minimal and as pure as the island itself. My look is minimal, my case is light.

Screen shot 2013-07-27 at 14.24.13

I now find it quite empowering to spend my holiday with a small suit-case and puzzle together how my essentials will last the whole holiday.  I like surprising my husband with my new relaxed approach to packing and most of all I like forgetting about my day job, not wearing make up, letting my hair get sun bleached with salty curls, I like flipflops  and maxi dresses and big floppy hats.  I like leaving my phone at home and laughing as the lipstick I thought I would wear melts in the leftover sand at the bottom of my bag. I like sand between toes and freckles on my nose.

I have learnt to just pack bikinis, flipflops and dresses that go from day to night because, sometimes, when the sun and the time off from reality have got to work you have never looked so beautiful just the way you are.

Screen shot 2013-07-27 at 14.17.22

Love Victoria X


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