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Bicycle Bliss by Victoria


We all know that beauty starts on the inside and that is important to incorporate some exercise into our busy lives but I also know that, in reality, it’s not always so easy to have time to go to the gym or to undertake frequent exercise classes.  There is a great solution though, in the form of a bicycle.  Now I know it’s not that well adopted in the UK but I frequently travel to Europe and I just love the culture of jumping on a city bike to get to your destination. Not only is jumping on a bicycle great for burning calories and toning muscle but it’s an inexpensive, environmentally friendly form of transport.

I have visited Brussels where City Bikes for rent are available on every street corner, you simply swipe your credit card, take one and then leave it at your destination.  In Holland, particularly Amsterdam, bike parks are as crowded as car parks. Bicycles are a great way to get through a congested City and our European friends really know how to make all the necessary safety precautions with bike lanes and bike crossings clearly marked.  Those reading from around Europe will know that busy bike garages are a common sight:



In some parts of the UK, mainly Oxford and Cambridge, bicycles are an essential part of life but where I am from, Edinburgh, they aren’t really yet de rigueur.  Perhaps it’s because we aren’t really aware of all these, retro inspired, beauties available to us:



Funky retro bicycles that make staying fit and getting healthy look good!  Let’s all get mobile and bring the bicycle craze to the UK and those parts of the world where cycling is still not that common.  I am still deciding which one is for me but I love the romantic idea of one with a basket filled with fresh bread.  Let’s see how it compares to reality, stay tuned for my updates on the view from a bicycle.

Love Victoria X


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