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 You have the choice to use your words and actions to inspire confidence in everyone you talk to.
As much as it is important to treasure yourself it is just as important to love and encourage others around you. Kindness is the most beautiful thing to be and to share! Just as important as it is to say Thank you each day & appreciate other people.The other day I came across Anna from In Honour of Design …. Sometime’s you come across people that really are beautiful deep down and make you stop what your doing to listen and read what they have to say. Anna is one of them. She set up a challenge called #EncourageBeauty which is to literally encourage your friends, family and even people you don’t know when you see their beauty or admire something about them, to tell them. It will brighten their day & make them feel beautiful. I love this idea and wanted to share it with you.
Elle x
Here is the Challenge By Anna:


The idea is simple: Print out this calendar (and share if you like!) & commit to encouraging beauty in someone each day this month. Fill in those blanks as you go along, and by the end of the month, you will have uplifted, inspired, and given heart to 31 deserving people. Maybe your commitment will be 31 handwritten notes or 31 sincere emails and phone calls – whichever it is, the goal is to make small and significant change in those around us, which always leads to big change in the world around us. You can even share the completed calendar at the end of the month!
Some ideas to get you going: 
A compliment to someone in person // a thoughtful comment on a blog // a handwritten note to an old friend // a message left in lipstick on the mirror for your roommate at 5am. // It can be 11:58pm when you head over to Instagram to pay a stranger a compliment with #EncourageBeauty. There are no rules. There is just generosity & moments to encourage and uplift.

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