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My latest love, Locket Charm Necklaces.

I remember when I was younger each birthday I would get given a tiny charm for my charm bracelet. Looking back at it now it reminds me of so many special memories.

Recently I have seen so many Locket & Charm necklaces that you can either design yourself, have engraved or choose the inside of the locket. They are so easy to wear, go with pretty much anything and are always a talking point.

Here are some of my favourite designers & pieces I have.

 Monica Rich Kosann


Mother of Pearl stone Locket


Carpe Diem Charm Pendent


 Venus Charm Goddess of Love Necklace engraved with the quote “Beauty is not in the face, Beauty is a light in the heart.”


Alex Monroe


Bumble Bee necklace – this is one of my favourite pieces I wear all the time.


Posy Flower Heart Locket with a golden Key inside


Dream of Me Spinning Charm Necklace- I love these! You blow them, they spin round and spell out the words…. So romantic!



Loquet London


designed by  Sheherazade Goldsmith & Laura Bailey just launched last month and

I have a bit of an obsession already, the website is so fun to build your own,


In my locket I have –

My February birthstone, Amethyst

2 Hearts – Always together

My initials

 A tiny elephant because I get called Ellie by friends and fam.



Love, Elle  ♡


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