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Blanco! My Love for Miguelina…

Im not normally a selfie sort of person, but only because some of you asked for some style diary pics here you go – my first attempt !   I was on the way to dinner in London & the shots are taken by a girlfriend so please excuse our fly by photography skills 😉 at least the dress looks pretty! 

Im having a bit of a Blanco/Miguelina crush at the moment. White on White is such a clean and fresh look to wear, I love swapping in cream or mixing it up with one dark colour.  The dress Im wearing here is one of my favourite finds by designer Miguelina Gambaccini. Miguelina is a line of ultra feminine, romantic dresses & caftans. The line touches on Parisian with the embroidery anglaise & lace detailing.

The  Miguelina collection is effortless , so easy to wear & easy to pack which is a must for me as I am always on the move! The best bit is, the dresses are really versatile.  This is exactly what I look for in a great summer piece . Its got work whether heading to dinner or throwing it over a bikini.  In Miguelina’s own words, the dresses can take you “from day to evening , city to beach , Ibiza to New England”

  I love to accessorise my clothes to dress it up or keep it low key. Here I am wearing Miguelina’s “Bridgitte” dress with Henri Bendel Clutch, H&M belt , accessorised with a mix of layered jewellery.

Interview With Miguelina from Rue La La

Your collection includes lots of lace, lingerie details, and romantic materials like chiffons, velvets, and satins – tell us about this style.

Miguelina: I like things that are very feminine, but also comfortable. I like fabrics that are easy to pack, can travel well, and adapt to different climates. The Miguelina girl is always on the move and does not want to spend a lot of time packing.

What’s the best way women can pull off these lingerie-inspired pieces?
Miguelina: It is best to layer them.

Describe the woman you are designing for.
Miguelina: The woman I design for is ultra feminine and confident. She is effortlessly sexy and sophisticated.

What trend are you in love with right now?
Miguelina: Caftans layered with great jewelry!

What’s a bold style that you wish you saw on more women?
Miguelina: Jumpsuits.

Your designs have a distinctive jet-setting sensibility. Discuss!
Miguelina: I love traveling and get most of my inspiration from my trips. The Parisians are very fashionable and are never shy when it comes to how they embrace their fashion.

Check out Miguelina’s full collection at www.miguelina.com

Love, Elle x


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