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Seeing as it is wedding season and I have received lots of emails about make up. Ive decided to do a Bridal Make up blog for you.

The look I wanted to go for on my wedding day was natural but with a modern elegance. It was really important I looked like me on my wedding day. So I decided to do my own make up.  I love hair & make up and always end up doing friends make up for their weddings so when it came to my big day I decided, I wanted to do it myself.. I love dewy, fresh skin with lots of glow but so it is an “expensive” looking glow/bronze rather than shimmering all over the place. Much like a Burberry Runway show..



I like to use products that are versatile and can be used for the eyes, cheeks, lip and can be layered with light, sheer coverage. This way it gives a blended hue rather than different products, textures and colours all over the face.

 Bridal Blush Make up..

You can use your own products to create the same look these ones are just my personal favourites. You will notice the same products are used a few times for different areas of the face.


 me and my beau x
skin prep
Step 1:  Prep Skin and apply a mix of Primer & Kate Somerville Skin Quench to already Hydrated skin. This will give you hydration and staying power. Lip Conditioner blended into lips to nourish and hydrate. TIP: Make sure you apply a thick layer of Rose balm before bed the night before.
base contours
Step 2: Brush Brows, curl lashes, line eye water line with white Kohl, outline Cupids bow with nude lip liner ( sometimes I use white). Apply carmex to any dry areas ( Cheeks inc)  & eyebrows. Lightly define the brow with Benefit Browzings shadow to make sure a natural and faded finish, take the line underneath not on top! ( I will do a proper blog on the perfect brow soon : )  Take eyeshadow brush and lightly blend & contour the eye socket with  Guerlain Bronzer over the eyelid, diffused outwardly.
bambi eyes
Step 3: Line the top lash line with the eyebrow brush and use the same shadow you used on your eyebrows here ( your lash liner should match your eyebrow shadow). Slightly flick up at the ends for a very soft kitten/bambi look.
Take your eye shadow brush and again use the Guerlain bronzer pigments around, under and blended outwardly on the eye area. Making sure the inside corner of the eye is light and outside golden & bronzed. Gently sweep eye with Terry 102 Peach eyeshadow and apply to the inside corner of eye underneath ( near tear duct).

Base and glow

Step 4:  Blend foundation into skin only where needed to perfect, ensuring a “no makeup” finish to skin. Use a damp beauty blender around nose & jawline (and blend down the neck for your wedding day!). Apply concealer to any areas you need & illuminate areas which will light up your face (  centre of nose, chin, centre of forehead).
Then finally under eye concealer – making sure the concealer starts at the outside of the nostril and goes upwards in a triangle shape to the outer courner of the eye and stops a good 4 – 5mm under the eye. ( Do not take it up to the lash line – this can make you look tired and will crease when you smile). Take your eyeshadow brush and blend the eye shadow again ( on lower lash) so it meets the concealer seamlessly.
Step 5: Using fingers blend on the top of your hand some CHANEL Soleil tan. Suck your cheeks inwards and find the natural cheek bone line. With fingers follow this line with the bronzer and blend outwards with a damp BEAUTY BLENDER sponge. Use the excess make up on the sponge to continue round the temples and the outer corners of your forehead. Making sure you do not touch the centre of your face with bronzer. Really softly dust with your usual Bronzer over cheek bones ( all the places your just put Soleil Tan)  this will set the Chanel and also matte your cheeks slightly to give a more expensive looking Bronze.  Lastly for the base – again, on the back of your hand mix some STILA Shimmer & Carmex and apply as a highlight down the centre of the nose , top of cheeks & under brow line.
Step 6: Prep Lips again with some Rose Balm by TERRY followed by the smallest drop of concealer on your fingers to bring lips down to a very sheer muted tone and give the colour something to grip to (dust lips with some loose powder only if you don’t suffer from dry lips ) line the lips with nude liner – concentrating on the cupid bow area. Gently press in your lipstick with your fingers in the centre and layer until you get a  hue of a natural peach, blush tone. Apply some moisturising non stick gloss with fingers for a juicy, kissable lip rather than shiny. Finally add some shimmer to the top of your cupids bow which will enhance the lips.
Finishing touches
Step 7: Re-brush your brows to make sure they are perfectly in place.  Smile to find the apples of your cheeks. Apply some blush to these area’s with a blusher brush. With fingers press some of your lipstick on to cheeks gently for a dewy look.  Make sure its not too much. Apply your mascara last so lashes are glossy, soft and fluttery rather than powdered & clogged with eyeshadow & blusher. If you need anymore shimmer now is your time to illuminate the face & outer forehead, nose & cupids bow. I also love pressing some on the inside corners of my eyes. This makes the eyes pop!
Step 8:  False Lashes can look beautiful but make sure to practise this before your wedding day and apply to the outer corners of your eyes. I always like to cut mine in half so it gives just an outside fullness.

If you do get particularly shiny and oily, dust face with loose powder down the t zone but be careful not to dull down your shimmer and glow on cheeks.

Voila!  Your good to grab you bouquet, your girls and go get married!!!
With my super babes dancing to the Noisettes – so happy! x
Elle  ♡

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