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Just when I thought I had found my go to nail brand, my favourite London Nail Salon release their beautiful  NAILBERRY range! Choosing a nail varnish can actually be quite difficult. It depends on the season, how you feel,  your outfit and is just as much an accessory & statement  as Jewellery or a pair of shoes!


Nailberry is a boutique nail salon in South Kensington owned by French-born Sonia Hully. The manicure’s are the best of the best, they are affordable & it is quick & easy when you are on the go. The nail bar has that touch of French “je ne sais quoi but with a New York efficiency”.


Nailberry Polish is a range of  nail colours all of which Sonia says “… a woman would ever need”  There are just 6 classic collections:

The Berries, The French, The Must,  The Blues, The Neutrals, The Fall/winter 2013.

Nailberry-Fall-2013-2Nailberry polish is a 4  Chemical free nail polish. Free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP and Camphor. It is also Cruelty free.


Sonia’s Tips to achieving the perfect manicure

To achieve the perfect manicure as you would have it in our salons:

– you should remove and clean your nails of old polish and impurities

– buff your nails lightly to remove the excess oil generated

– apply a good basecoat

– apply 2 coats of Nailberry nail polish very thinly

– and apply a good top coat

The secret is to make sure the nails are oil free before you apply your basecoat and make sure the nail polish is very thinly applied.

The Nail colour trend this season is NAIL NOIR. Black with a hint of colour underneath. Try the new Japanese Detox followed by NOIR BERRY at Nailberry. A black gloss polish with a berry undertone. Très Chic for Fall!

berry noir



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