3D Boost! Hair solution…

HAIR SOLUTION – Making Waves
I get a lot of emails about how I style my hair so I wanted to do a quick step guide to Mastering the bouncy beach/bed look some of you are after but keeping it natural and effortless.
Washing hair everyday is a huge No, No to keep it in condition but, if you’re like me 2/3 days after washing my hair, it gets really heavy and flat and all I want to do is wash it especially if I am going somewhere.
You don’t want to be spending hours blowdrying and styling over the Christmas holidays so, this is a really quick & easy hair solution that will give you big bouncy Bardot hair in 10 15 minutes to revamp heavy hair and give you more time to have fun.
I call it my 3D boost so on the 3rd DAY you’ll see me sporting this look if I haven’t had much time…It works better on hair that is not just washed as it holds the texture much better.
The first thing to remember when doing the 3D boost is to make sure throughout styling that your hair remains soft, tangible and brushed out (you should be able to gauge what is enough when adding the hair spray/dry shampoo)
Crispy curls or hair that looks like it won’t move is a little dated so go with less is more & get your hairbrush to do the work.


A great tip :” Spray dry shampoo on your hair before tonging it and it will hold the curl better”

You will need:

♡  x2 Hair clips
♡  x1 Bristle brush
♡  x2 Rollers
♡  x1 Teasing comb
♡  x1 Hairspray
♡  Straighteners
♡  A few Bobby pins/grips
♡  Dry Shampoo


Step 1:
Brush your hair out with the bristle brush, spritz with Dry shampoo in the roots and a tiny bit in the mid length & ends.
Step 2:
Place a velcro roller in your fringe, curling it backwards towards the crown of your head. Pin it securely with a Bobby pin/grip and place another velcro roller at the back (crown of your head) then secure with bobby pin.
We will back comb this later.
Step 3:
Pull all your hair forwards over both shoulders so it sits around your face.
Take the front section on one side (about 2 inches thick) and with your straighteners twist it & curl away from you face until you get to the end of the hair. Hold it in this position for a good 20 seconds with the hair wrapped round the barrel of the straighteners. Make sure they are thick sections rather than thin ones which will go more stringy and not hold the hair together.
Step 4:
Pull the straighteners out of the wrap but cup the curl in your hand for 10 seconds until it cools (Be careful here as it will be really hot)
Repeat this with each section until you have got to the back of your head. I usually have to curl 4 – 5 sections on each side. Then begin on the other side making sure not to brush anything out yet.
Step 5: 
Put both hands/finger tips on the scalp of your head and begin to massage & push your fingers towards your parting, teasing the roots up.
Step 6:
Using your bristle brush gently brush the top part of your hair to make it soft & texturised being really careful not to brush the bottom part with the curls you have just made.
Step 7:
Spritz some hair spray just above your ears on the underside of your hair, let it dry for a few seconds than using your bristle brush, brush upwards above your ear and use your finger to tease it up and over/away from your ear & face. This should make it stand off your face.
Step 8:
Gently tease the ends of your hair with the bristle brush and brush out and upwards on random small sections of hair. It’s good if some bits are more brushed out & fluffy then others. This will take out some of the waves but your hair will keep the bend. If you prefer a straighter look but with bend and volume just keep brushing it out.
Step 9:
Ok now this is the tricky bit! Smoothing – straighten the top part of you hair with the straightners and stop at your ears. Then re tease the roots back up with your fingers like before. This should give you a smooth finish rather than looking like you have been dragged through a hedge ! 😉
Step 10:
Take out your rollers and create your parting wherever your hair naturally falls. Spritz your finger & thumb with hair spray and squeeze your fringe between your finger and thumb at the root. This should keep the “love heart lift”  around your face.
Step 11:
Pick up the hair that was in the back roller and gently tease with the comb then back comb it to how you would like but keeping it natural & soft.
Step 12:
Spray a small amount of hairspray on the ends of your hair and tease with fingers, rubbing some bits together. Just play with it with your comb & fingers to get the texture and lift you want and you should be good to go!
Tip : If you you feel there is not enough bounce in the bottom of your hair just spray a bit more dry shampoo on it and it should boost the volume.
Once you have got this down it should take about 15 minutes & is a really easy look to wear when you haven’t got much time!
Elle ♡
Image: Gossard Lingerie, Brigitte Bardot

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