The Secret To Smokey Eyes

smokey elle

By Victoria

I’m lucky enough to work in the fashion world and be exposed to some pretty cool beauty tricks.  I thought I would share with you the secret to a smokey eye because who doesn’t want to know how to nail that trend and Elle & I are suckers for a smokey eye!

First is picking the colour, it’s a myth that smoky eyes mean grey and black because actually the smokey look can be achieved in a whole range of colours.  To help you pick your perfect colour make up artists generally agree that green eyes suit grey and shades of plum or purple, blue eyes rock shades of  brown, bronze, navy and grey while brown eyes look alluring in gold or copper.

To begin you need to have three shades of colour; a creamy colour for highlighting, a medium colour base and a darker, smoky colour.  Luckily most make up palettes come with this in mind so be sure to choose one with at least three colours within the same colour spectrum.



1)An insider’s trick of the trade is to first sweep the lid with foundation to prime the eyelid and remove oil, forming a great base for eye make up to stick to

2) Another trick is to apply the first coat of eyeshadow with a slightly damp applicator so take the make up brush and dip it into water, now dip it into the darkest shadow.

3)  From here you want to draw a line along your lower and top lash (where you might apply eye liner).  This will be the darkest colour of your eye so you repeat this step until you are happy with the intensity.  Before this fully dries look up and blink, you will see that a natural crease in your eye appears,

4) This is the point  where you want to fill the whole lid up with medium shadow. Once you have done this (stopping at this natural crease) take the softest colour in the palette and start from where the medium colour ends right up to the brow.


5)Essentially this is your smoky eye finished but if you want to really make it stand out you can repeat the step with the smoky colour and then team with liquid eyeliner on the top lash.

 6) When applying liquid eyeliner it’s really important to follow your eye’s natural shape.  Most people, like me, assume that you apply liquid eyeliner in one full sweep but I recently learned that this will cause the eyeliner to crease and your line to smudge so instead start in the middle and work your way out.  Then come back to the middle and bring the line into the inner corner of your eye.


7) To finish apply mascara; a trick of the trade is to only apply to the top lash to create a soft bambi like appearance.  If going bare on your bottom lash is too much then how about a black on the top lash and a soft brown or grey on the bottom, giving the optical illusion that your top lashes are longer.


8) To really emphasise a deep smoky eye team with a nude or natural lip to draw all attention up.

Et voila, your guide to a smoky eye, do let me know how you get on!

Love Victoria X


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