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So on my list of things I love , right up there near the top is a really good blow dry. Im a strong believer that if your hair looks great, everything else falls in to place. Good blow outs are few and far between and Ive had my fair share of walking out of the salon, hating it and immediately flipping my head over to switch it in to a high pony or top bun! Im the girl that walks in, books a blow-dry but has to schedule a double booking, then suddenly every stylist becomes busy! I don’t blame them my hair is a challenge!

Ive come to realise its not just me,  as girls go –  we know our hair, and deal with it every day, so finding a good stylist who listens to what you know works –  is gold dust! I think a good hair dresser is like finding the perfect pair of jeans, once you found them –   stick with them!


Hair 911 : Tips for finding a great stylist 

1) Find some one that listens to what you like and takes into account your hair type and lifestyle. You know your hair better than anyone.

2) If you are naturally dark like me and are going blonde or getting your roots highlighted, ask them how they foil the top quarter of your hair ( If you sit facing them and they work back wards this will give you the most natural highlights & a beautiful colour)

3) How many colours are they going to use? ! I go for between 3 – 5 colours depending on the time of year. In summer I go for less because the sun naturally lifts hair lighter.

4) If your going for a trim, ask how much a little bit is. Hairdresser’s “little bit’s” vary.

5) Watch what they are doing and say whatever you are thinking, I know its hard sometimes but it can help.  I have a heart shaped hair line so, I always make sure to ask if they can leave the first little bit of hair out of the foil otherwise my eyebrows look so dark compared to my hair line. Things like this a hair dresser wouldn’t know so by just mentioning it is helping them do their job the best they can for you.

6)  If you want Volume at the front – ask the stylist to blow dry the fringe/front section forward but velcro roller it backward’s ( Drying it in just one direction will cause your hair to flatten quicker & lose volume)

7) If you have long hair or hair that knots easily, take a tangle teaser with you or your own brush that you know works well at home. This will save hours while they battle through your hair with a comb!

8) Once you have found a great hair stylist…. relax & enjoy it ! …Its only hair 😉 

Elle xo



DreamDry salon

“Step through our doors, and you’ll be greeted with a smile & a personal iPad — yours to enjoy, throughout your entire DreamDry experience. ” DREAMDRY. 

New York City, between between 5th & 6th Avenue is the cities chicest hair hot spot – DreamDry. Founded by Rachel Zoe & Robin Moraetes. A hair salon that specialise’s in blow dries and styling. These guys really know how to do a good blow dry! If only they had one in London too!! 

35 West 21st Street
(between 5th & 6th Ave.)
New York, NY 10010



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