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Baby, I Was Born To Run

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By Victoria

So maybe you aren’t a runner and have missed the impressive running shoe offer at the gym but surely you have seen just a few people, on the street, rocking the Nike Free run trainers as day-wear? Yes the 90s trend is back and with it comes over-sized trainers in neon colours but this is no air max, these are light-weight performance trainers that you can just so happen to customise with your own colours, fabrics and design (love!).

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I am not a big runner, I’m a bad one but I believe that exercise is important for the body, as well as the mind, and when I travel running is one thing I can always take with me.  Bad day at the office?  Nothing like a run to put the day into perspective.  As I say I’m a bad runner, I don’t breathe properly and I run too slow to have acquired myself a proper running buddy but I wanted to learn so I started slowly with a ”Learn to Run” download and worked my up to the point where I don’t need to stop at every park bench exhausted.

With so much importance on how we dress, what we wear, what we eat it’s important to also look at WHAT WE DO and it may help to know that the whole world over experts can agree on at least 7 benefits of exercise:

1) Exercise controls weight

2) Exercise combats health conditions and diseases (such as cholesterol)

3) Exercise improves mood

4) Exercise boosts energy

5) Exercise promotes sleep

6) Exercise benefits your sex life

7) Exercise is fun!

I’d like to add an 8th which is exercise can be ”Stylish” – given that these range of trainers come in the seasons up and coming colours, with a range of matching accessories, there is no excuse for leggings and a tatty t-shirt.  Look good, feel good and off you go.

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Love Victoria X

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