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Body Fuel for Glowing Skin


Fuel Your Body for Glowing Skin

Elle has recently blogged about the magic of skin mapping and being in tune with your body and understanding how inner problems can manifest themselves with outer problems. Which goes to prove one of the biggest things you can do to promote healthy looking is to look after the inside.  Here we detail the top 9 foods you should stock up on for healthy looking skin as well as some foods best avoided if you want to maintain problem free skin. Remember healthy looking skin isn’t just about cleansing, toning, moisturiser and SPFing  (although that’s a huge part of it) – it’s also paying attention to how you fuel your body.

Stock up on:



Dairy products contain Vitamin A, which is considered to be important when it comes to skin health.  As long as the yoghurt is low fat, with no added sugars and eaten in moderation, yoghurt provides lots of protein and vitamins which can boost the immune system and, in turn, give you clear, vibrant skin.



Blueberries have the most antioxidants per serving compared to any other commonly consumed fruit or berry, which means they lead a powerful fight in the anti aging process.  This is because antioxidants fight against free radicals caused by pollution and UV radiation, which attack skin cells and cause DNA damage.  The perfect, low calorie, snack between meals, which packs a punch.



Water is so essential for our body! We are made up of 70% of  the stuff!  It helps your skin by getting by-products out of your body. By drinking lots of water, you’re helping your kidneys function better, which in turn helps skin avoid a sallow, tired look. It flushes the toxins out of your body and helps eliminate cellulite. Try the 8 x 8 rule drink eight glasses of eight ounces of water per day and watch your skin glow!



Like Blueberries Spinach is also super-charged with an antioxidant known as beta-carotene.  Beta-carotene has been proven to repair skin cells and slows down skin cancer cells whilst giving a youthful glow and preventing aging.  Spinach is also full of lutein, potassium, fibre and folate, which are needed by DNA to repair any skin cells damaged by the sun and at risk of cancer.



These seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids, which erase spots and iron out fine lines. The British Journal of Nutrition reported that participants in one study who downed just over two grams (about half a teaspoon) of O-3’s in six weeks experienced significantly less irritation and redness, along with better-hydrated skin. “The fats are believed to stifle your body’s response to irritation and attract water to skin cells to plump up the skin and reduce wrinkles,” Murad says. Sprinkle seeds on oatmeal or veggies.



Hey, guess what? Almonds are seeds, not nuts, and they’re stuffed with vitamin E, a potent sun blocker. Volunteers who consumed 14 milligrams of the vitamin per day (about 20 almonds) and then were exposed to UV light sunburned less than those who took none. “Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant that helps to protect skin cells from UV light and other environmental factors that generate cell-damaging free radicals,” explains Jeffrey Dover, M.D., associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale University.



Lycopene, the phytochemical that makes tomatoes red, helps eliminate skin-aging free radicals caused by ultraviolet rays. Your body gains the most sun-shielding nutrients when the vegetable is heated. Just a half-cup of cooked tomatoes or pasta sauce has 16 milligrams of lycopene; along with ample sunscreen, that daily dose should help keep you out of the red.



We blogged about the benefits of Salmon on SUPER.SKIN here by Dr Perricone.  Don’t fear fat — believe it or not, some is healthy — even essential. Fats and oils can provide anti-inflammatory protection and youth-preserving antioxidants. Salmon provides hefty helpings of anti-aging omega-3 fatty acids; salmon is your best bets for staying beautiful. Try this amazing healthy Orange Ginger Salmon Recipe by The Healthy Foodie .

Coconut Oil


The Miracle Oil. See here for our blog on the benefits of Coconut Oil. Eat it, stick it in a smoothie, cook with it, moisturise with it! Coconut is so good for your body. It can help restore moisture to the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles when used regularly.

Thing to Avoid:


Sugar can actually cause wrinkles and make skin dull as it damages skin collagen and elastin, which are the important fibres needed to keep skin youthful. Sugar damages by causing skin it to become dry which leads to premature aging in the form of wrinkles and sagging.  For those with a sweet tooth we recommend dark chocolate, in moderation, as it has actually been proven to contain some of those aforementioned antioxidants.


Salt is the enemy for several reasons, namely, it can cause tissues to swell and make the face seem puffy.  Iodised salt is especially bad as it has been shown to aggravate acne.  When it comes to salt it’s good to avoid adding it to prepared food and to check all labels on ready-made meals and tinned foods.

White Bread

White bread, white pasta and cakes are considered high glycemic foods, meaning they raise blood sugar levels high and then cause them to crash quickly.  Not only does this peak and crash in blood sugar levels effect energy levels it has also been linked to acne.  Instead try whole wheat bread and brown pastas which are packed full of antioxidants and have been found to also be anti-inflammatory and reduce puffiness of the skin.


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