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Beauty Inspiration From Nature

It’s always a temptation to buy the next must have beauty product and, if you are anything like me, your beauty bag will be bulging (as well as several drawers).  But before you rush out and buy another beauty product read our guide and take some inspiration from nature.

Cucumber Instead of Eye masks

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Tired eyes manifest themselves in the form puffiness, redness, and fine lines towards the outer eye. Commercial eye masks have been proven as a great way to reduce these symptoms, however, they are no more effective than some proven and tried home remedy methods, such a cucumber, so try this tip first before investing money:

1. Slice some cold cucumber that has been stored in the fridge

2. Find a relaxing place and lie with it on your closed eyes

Cucumbers have an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces puffiness plus the  high water content of cucumbers allows the water to hydrate skin while the cool temperature decreases the flow of blood to eyes which soothes and alleviates swelling.  Plus smoother and more hydrated skin around your eyes means less stretching and fewer lines and wrinkles in the future.

Fresh, Cold Water Instead of Toner

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Toners are marketed to us a mid step after cleansing and before moisturising but there is actually no scientific proof behind the marketing that a toner helps prep the skin or help moisturiser penetrate better.  Instead toners are only really said to be beneficial to women who have particularly oily skin and that those with normal or dry skin can skip this stage completely. In fact some research shows that those with normal to dry skin can find their skin becomes drier as the toner encourages the glands to pump out more oil. A benefit of toner is that is can close glands up after they have been opened in the cleansing process but you can also rely on a (free) splash of cold water, before moisturising, to do the same thing.

Olive Oil Instead of a Hair Mask

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Hair can be dry with the build up from everyday protects and pollution and the need for a hair mask can easily become essential but before you look to buy one take some inspiration from your kitchen cupboard in the form of olive oil.  Olive oil provides all the ingredients needed to naturally restore life back into your hair.  Follow the steps below:

1.  Wash and condition hair as normal.

2.  Brush through hair

3.  Gently heat olive oil (in the microwave).

4. Apply from root to tip or hair and then wrap hair up in an old towel.

5.  Leave for 20 mins.

6.  Repeat steps 1 ensuring that you lather the hair properly as olive oil, if not washed out properly, can leave a greasy build up on the root.

7.  Style as normal.

If you are concerned about the strong smell of olive oil how about adding a few drops of tea tree oil,  mint or honey to the oil for a fresh smelling fragrance.

Some naturals tips to save you money and keep your mind and body chemical free. Enjoy.

Love Victoria X


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