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I take a lot of care about what I put into my body on a daily basis and do ballet, yoga and boxing to keep in shape, but for such a long time I have been researching and looking for a pure & organic skincare brand that I feel good about using on my face and bodythat isn’t loaded with harsh chemicals, parabens & toxins.  I recently blogged here about the effects of what you put on to your skin and how this affects your body because it is instantly absorbed in to the blood stream through your skin. I also wrote here about how to combat sensitive skin & acne without using harsh chemicals & roaccutane on your skin which in the long run has a huge effect on skin texture, ageing and scarring and not just on your face it affects your entire body. I have had so many question’s since these two blog’s about skincare products for dry, holiday and winter skin when you need’s as much moisture and hydration as you can get. So I wanted to share with you something I am using at the moment that has changed my skin dramatically.

When I found Australian brand MV Organic Skincare, I was in love – I read and researched the brand. Founder Sharon McGlinchey originally developed her products for people with skin sensitivities like eczema & rosacea. Sharon does not compromise on her value’s and beliefs. “With MV organic’s, conceived standing for the foundation of her character- Sharon’s vision and her value’s.” The organic ingredient’s within the product’s are of the highest quality.

Sharon believes all women should take time for themselves and to remember to take a moment and be in the present. I love the idea of this when I’m cleansing my face at night.

Her generous use of rare and precious oils add a unique sensory experience to a daily skin care regime. Transcending ‘routine’ and moving into the realms of ‘pure ritual’, MV allows us a moment in the day to experience something incredibly nurturing and beautiful.

“Skincare should be a simple yet profoundly nurturing ritual – a unique and beautiful experience”

The skin care range really nourish & encourage skin to work at its optimum efficiency and is a long-term beauty investment. I felt an amazing difference the moment I used MV Organic’s.  The Rose Hydrating Mist is one of my favourite product’s I have ever used, I take it everywhere with me. I like to spray some into the palms of my hand and take a deep breath, the smell of Rose is so relaxing and the glow you get from all MV’s product’s is beautiful. It make’s you look as though you have had your full 8 hours! Perfect for when your feeling tired on a red eye, to refresh your face.

“MV is fine dining for the skin, where as commercial skincare, in  my view, is like eating out everyday at McDonalds. ” Sharon McGlinchey

My Skin tends to drink anything I put on it when I am travelling so I like to use really hydrating, pure products. Here are the product’s that my skin loves…

Gentle Cream Cleanser


The gentle cleanser has rose, chamomile and mandarin essential oils, so it smells beautiful & is perfect for very sensitive skins. It contains Vitamin E which is an anti-oxidant property and battles free radicals to help with anti ageing. A tip: Don’t wash this off your face with water instead, press your face and gently wipe away excess cleanser with a muslin cloth. Repeat this a few times.

Rose Hydrating Mist


My favourite product! MV Organic Skincare’s philosophy is ‘fewer ingredients but in higher concentrations’ and Rose Hydrating Mist simply contains Rose Floral Water. The mist delivers extra hydration to your skin before you put on your moisturiser, soothing it and locking in moisture so pores are not clogged with too much product. It gives skin a beautiful glow and dewy finish.

Rose soothing and protective Moisturiser


This a really hydrating moisturiser containing rose and rose geranium essential oils and non-GM Vitamin E. It moisturises beautifully to create the perfect base for make-up.

Aromatic Body Oil


The best organic body oil I have found that contains organic plant oils and essential oils (Camellia, Avocado, Frankincense, Lavender and Bitter Orange) a nourishing oil that quenches dry skin  without leaving a greasy residue. Apply to damp skin after a bath or shower

 Jojoba oil


This 100% organic Jojoba oil is a versatile product that can be used for pretty much anything,  taking off your make-up to quenching dry skin, split ends or strengthening eye lashes and the skin around the eye’s. It soften’s the skin without clogging pores while protecting it.

Luckily Cult Beauty stock this in the UK so no need to ship from Australia. Here are some more detail’s on the product’s.


Elle xo

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