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Be My Valentine?


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Hey Beauties!

Over the past week, I have received lots of emails from you about Valentine’s Day lingerie ….so, of course I have been on the look out for some of the prettiest V Day lingerie for you.  I love the idea of lots of contrasting colour and no rules apply!

Choosing lingerie for this special day is more about how these lacie’s fit to the body and how good you feel wearing them.  Lot of bra’s and knickers look similar but its the certain nip and tucks in the material & design which make it fit to your bod beautifully. Here are some of my favourite’s to flatter any silhouette!


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TIP  #1: The Suspender Trick…

If you don’t really want to buy a full set of lingerie which can become very expensive if your looking for something a little different, try this trick to ‘Juj’ up your lacie’s and make it your own!

Choose your favourite matching lingerie set that you already own, pick out one colour within the lingerie ( maybe it has a different coloured bow, lace or pattern?) or if the lingerie is plain, you could go for any colour you love…

Then all you have to do is have fun choosing a contrasting suspender belt and some stockings to make it feel like a whole new set of lingerie! Try colour clashing –  pink & red,  powder blue and mint green, fuchsia and orange. Have fun with it!

elle suspender

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 22.45.11

TIP #2 How to wear suspenders on a date…

If you are going out on a date for Valentine’s and planning on wearing the lingerie under your outfit. This is a little tip which….  gave me one of those “ahh I see” moments when I got given this tip ! Make sure to tuck the suspender straps underneath you panties not over the top. Much more practical & lady like ! 😉

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 22.46.36

Have a very special Valentines Day!


Elle xo

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