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AW14 TRENDING | Hot Chocolate & Pastels!

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While there’s more of a focus on the different spring fashion trends for the coming season, those who pay close attention to fashion shows and collection previews know that some of autumn and winter’s hottest looks are already being debuted. Designers typically do their work well in advance of the shopping sprees that mark new seasons, and for that reason, we’ve already begun to see a few of the trends that will be present in AW14 lingerie collections.

As the year progresses, there will be more specifics and variety in the lingerie market for the AW14 season. But in the early going, here are some of the hottest looks we’ve seen so far.

The Pink & Red Spectrum

In a wonderful post on autumn/winter 2013 lingerie trends, Fashion Bust made note of the idea of wearing items all across the colour spectrum of pink and red. This is particularly relevant because of the popularity of pink right through the winter season and into the spring in all aspects of women’s fashion. Look for any and all shades of pink lingerie‚ including sets that use contrasting shades‚ to be prevalent again in AW14.

The “Hot Chocolate” Look

Specifically showcasing the “Hot Chocolate” look from Fleur of England, the Lingerie Journal touches on what could well end up being another sexy colour trend for AW14 in brown, chocolate-coloured lingerie. A bit of a break from the more generally popular black shades, a deep and rich brown colour can look absolutely gorgeous in anything from lace garments to silk babydolls and pajamas.

French Lace

Elegant, French-inspired lace patterns have always had a certain sex appeal in the world of lingerie. And if you look to a recently showcased collection at M&S in terms of trends moving forward, we could see even more of this high-end style in AW14. The collection specifically features the beautiful Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in a wide array of rich and intricate lace garments that will likely be popular throughout 2014.

Anything Sheer

Another handy tip to pick up from the Lingerie Journal’s recent showcase of AW14 looks is that anything sheer is red hot for the coming year. Sheer lingerie will always be a sexy look, of course, but is particularly relevant this year, and gives you a fun way to play with various colours.

Pastel Shades

Finally, it’s clear in this blog post that pastels will also be quite popular in lingerie in AW14. Having covered pink, brown, and even the idea of going sheer, this gives you yet another colour trend to play with in 2014, and should help when looking through the huge collections you’ll see in stores.

As the year goes on, more and more trends will come to light regarding the lingerie of AW14. But for now, these ideas should give you a great start on updating your lingerie collection!

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